At the Entrance

  Invited to a house in foreign countries, I really hesitate to enter a house with my shoes on.Because we generally take off our shoes at the entrance of a house in Japan. Some inns and hotels, some restaurants and bar, which are often in the Japanese style, requires you to take off your shoes. … [Read more…]

Autumun Yellow

Pampas grass remind us the full moon in September. We have the event called “O-tsuki-mi”, “tsuki” means the moon and “mi” means seeing. At the event, we use Japanese pampas grass(Miscanthus sinensis) for the decoration. And we prepare sweets called “Tsukimi-dango”, and appreciate the beautiful moon. “O-tsuki-mi” is held in around mid-September, 24th this year. … [Read more…]

Summer Festival

From July to August, it’s the time of the summer festival in Japan. In my hometown, the firework event for the summer festival was hold in early August. People live around here are looking forward to see this firework event every summer. The other main event of Japanese summer festival is Bon-odori(Bon dance). “Bon” is … [Read more…]