Welcome to my website and Share Japanese housewife’s daily life!

I am a Japanese housewife  in a local city of which the number of population is about 160,000.  The city is my hometown and located  in Shikoku (the island, 4 prefectures are located in Shikoku island) famous for the pilgrimage area where pilgrims travel around 88 temples are related to Koubou-daishi(Kukai) the monk in 10th century.

My hometown faces Setouchi-Sea. Setouchi-sea is the inland sea where there are more than a hundred small islands in. You can find the bridge faraway in this photo. That connects the main island of Japan and Shikoku island.


Setouchi-sea is beautiful and usually very calm.


This long staircase leads to the entrance of the temple. The person who wear a bamboo hat and white close is a pilgrim of Shikoku 88th temples called ” henro”.


After graduated a college in Tokyo, I had worked there as an editor.  I left Tokyo and work when I was married, and  came back here my hometown. Away from busy megacity Tokyo and exhausting work, I became a Japanese housewife in a local city.  Here I have been living my life very slowly, caring to housekeeping, gardening, and everyday meals like my mother and my ancestors have lived so .

We use various food for cooking everyday. Food cost is not high in countryside of Japan.


I’m curious about everyday meals in other culture!

I’d like to introduce a life of a very ordinary Japanese housewife in this blog. For example, how closely our life is related to four seasons. We have four seasons and live always in climate change and various scene through seasons. Along with change of seasons we select house decoration and tableware. And we have seasonal events in almost every month. We make special house decoration or make special cooking for them. And also Japanese Kimono closing culture tells you friendship between our life and seasons.

The photo taken on a winter day(bottom right) you can see an old signpost for pilgrims.


Let me write about things or events like above and share an enjoyment of Japanese housewife life with you!  And I hope you like real (not on media like advertisement or article or TV program introducing Japan) Japanese culture preserved in daily life in Japan.

My lovely partner Nyagoo.