Sushi Culture

“Sushi” is one of the best known Japanese foods in the world. The word “sushi” might reminds  you of nigiri-zushi, a rice ball with sashimi.   Actually Japanese culture has a various kinds of sushi, like chirashi-zushi, inari-zushi, maki-zushi, oshi-zushi, nare-zushi and so on. Chirashi-zushi is a very familiar “sushi” to me as a special … [Read more…]

Mochi breakfast

Yesterday I made zouni for breakfast. We have zouni for a breakfast on New Year’s Day in Japan using mochi(rice cake) which we made near the end of last year.(→mochitsuki) Zouni is soup with mochi(rice cake), its ingridients and seasoning vary from region to region and home to home. I made zouni with Japanese white … [Read more…]