At the Entrance

  Invited to a house in foreign countries, I really hesitate to enter a house with my shoes on.Because we generally take off our shoes at the entrance of a house in Japan. Some inns and hotels, some restaurants and bar, which are often in the Japanese style, requires you to take off your shoes. … [Read more…]

Autumun Yellow

Pampas grass remind us the full moon in September. We have the event called “O-tsuki-mi”, “tsuki” means the moon and “mi” means seeing. At the event, we use Japanese pampas grass(Miscanthus sinensis) for the decoration. And we prepare sweets called “Tsukimi-dango”, and appreciate the beautiful moon. “O-tsuki-mi” is held in around mid-September, 24th this year. … [Read more…]

To Feel Cool

In Japan it has been record-hot days these days. The news says it is the worldwide phenomenon.   Ikebana can be a good summer interior makes you feel cool.         My teacher of Ikebana introduced me  the idea using a bud of Gentiana as a chopstick rest. I like it so much!! … [Read more…]

Tanabata Festival

On 7th July Japanese people celebrate the Tanabata festival.   But this year we had a disaster caused by torrential rain in the west of Japan on the day. The floods and the landslides destroyed houses and lifeline systems and killed over two hundred people in Hiroshima, Okayama, Ehime, Kyoto, Yamaguchi, Fukuoka, Kochi, Hyogo, Kagoshima, … [Read more…]

The Festival for boys

I couldn’t write about the event on May 5th last month!   May 5th is the holiday in Japan called “kodomo no hi(the day for children)”. The day is also called “tango no sekku,” and people who have a little boy celebrate their growth and health. They set a long pole and raise koi-nobori(giant streamers … [Read more…]