Daily meals for a week in October & November

Have you ever been Japan in Autumn?

I recommend you to come Japan in Autumn for your first visit.

Because a fallen maple leave may tell you aesthetic sense of Japanese.

Autumn is also the best season for a lot of ingredients.

My favorite autumn foods are chestnuts,

 a pacific saury,

and Japanese persimmon!

The chopstick rest shapes like persimmon.

Ingredients for 3~4days.

This day I made deep-fried chicken tenderloins with cheese and perilla in  breadcrumbs.

Perilla is a herb we often use in Japanese cooking.

In Japanese “fry” means a food deep-fried in breadcrumbs.

Katakuriko(potato starch) and egg help breadcrumbs to coat ingredients.

Day 1

1 Rice with sliced raw tuna seasoned by soy sauce, Japanese sake, and Japanese sweet sake

2 Tomato salad

3 Deep-fried chicken tenderloins

4 Miso soup containing onion, pumpkin, and Japanese chive

To be continued…

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