Daily meals for a week in October & November Day2


1 Fried Japanese scallop, bacon, and enoki mushroom with butter.

2 Taimeshi

3 Roast beef

4 miso-soup

Rice is the staple food in Japan. So we use a rice cooker almost everyday.

By using a Japanese rice cooker, you can make roast beef very easily.

I use that to steam beef after roasted it in a pan till toasted color appeared on.

I am fond of Taimeshi that is boiled rice with seabream, deep-fried tofu and vegetables seasoned with soy sauce and a little salt and Japanese sake. Taimeshi is a local cuisine in Ehime prefecture, in Shikoku.

A carrot, and burdocks, deep-fried tofu and sea bream. A burdock is a fiber-rich vegetable.


You can make Taimeshi just by putting rice, water and

seasoning, chopped ingredients and sea bream into rice cooker and press a button.

To be continued…

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