Mochi breakfast

Yesterday I made zouni for breakfast.

We have zouni for a breakfast on New Year’s Day in Japan using mochi(rice cake) which we made near the end of last year.(→mochitsuki)

Zouni is soup with mochi(rice cake), its ingridients and seasoning vary from region to region and home to home.

I made zouni with Japanese white radish and carrot and spinach.  In zouni my mother makes on New Year’s day every year, broiled conger-eel is added .

A set of colors red and white is used for celebration in Japan, and white radish and carrot take that role here.

When you have rice or rice cake, it is good to have Japanese white radish with it. Because that helps your digestion.

We also have nanakusagayu with Japanese white radish.  A lot of Japanese traditional cuisine has health benefits.


Today’s breakfast was abekawa-mochi and an-mochi.


I keep mochi wrapped in cellophane and put in food pack in a freezer.

I enjoy mochi with various seasonings and in styles, and among that I like abekawa-mochi the best.

You can make that 1 toast or broil mochi 2 put toasted mochi in hot water 3 cover with soybean flour and sugar.

If you use frozen mochi you need to defrost it before 1.

It’s very very delicious, hope you try and taste it!!


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