To Feel Cool

In Japan it has been record-hot days these days.

The news says it is the worldwide phenomenon.

Nyagoo likes a breeze… I prefer an air conditioner.


Ikebana can be a good summer interior makes you feel cool.

Bulrush, Astilbe, and Hypericum


Allium giganteum, Monstera, and Alstromeria


Millet and Alstromeria


Ground cherry, Gentiana, and Phlox


My teacher of Ikebana introduced me  the idea using a bud of Gentiana as a chopstick rest.

I like it so much!!

Goya champru(local cuisine of Okinawa: fried bitter gourd, tofu, and egg), boiled rockfish, boiled turban shell, sashimi of kanpachi(great amberjack) , pickles of cucumber


So, I use this beautiful chopstick rest at next dinner once more.

Boiled pumpkin and thick deep-fried tofu, salad with shellfish called Hokkigai, roasted sea bream marinated vinegar, mirin, sake.


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