Summer Festival

From July to August, it’s the time of the summer festival in Japan. In my hometown, the firework event for the summer festival was hold in early August. People live around here are looking forward to see this firework event every summer. The other main event of Japanese summer festival is Bon-odori(Bon dance). “Bon” is … [Read more…]

The Setsubun Event

Today is the day called risshun in Japan, the beginning of spring. (But spring has come just on calendar, it’s very very cold today.) And day on which season changes (on calendar) is called setsubun.   Yesterday we hold the setsubun event. If people from overseas saw the event, they though it very outlandish. Before … [Read more…]

Mochi breakfast

Yesterday I made zouni for breakfast. We have zouni for a breakfast on New Year’s Day in Japan using mochi(rice cake) which we made near the end of last year.(→mochitsuki) Zouni is soup with mochi(rice cake), its ingridients and seasoning vary from region to region and home to home. I made zouni with Japanese white … [Read more…]