Arrangements for New Year’s Day

Are you enjoying the holiday season? For Japanese housewives, winter holiday season is NOT holidays!! That is most busy days for us. Because a set of New Year events are the one of most important seasonal events in Japan. We clean a house(we clean everything in a house. For example, clean bathroom, wipe windows, wipe … [Read more…]


Tomesode is a full dress for a married female. In the photo, the bride wears white kimono, and her mother wears black one(tomesode). According one explanation, coloring means that a parson is influenced by others. So a bride wears a white kimono which has no color, and after being married she wears a black one … [Read more…]

Kimono in the top drawer

  In Japan autumn is good for dry and air kimono(Japanese traditional cloth) to protect it from mold and insects. High quality kimono is made of silk. Silk is not appropriate to be washed often, and vulnerable to  mold and insects. So people put kimono in special drawers(→drawers for kimono) and dry it regurally in … [Read more…]